Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello Blogger......I'm back!!

After a very long break, I'm back!
More for recording everyday life and photo's so that I can draw on them later. Only realized a few months ago that these pages of memories can actually be printed up! So here's to that.

Lot's to catch up...where do I start?
Well, some highlights have been:

  • Pink in concert ...twice! Once with Paul and the second time, because it was soooooo good we took the girls! Didn't tell them till the very last minute. One of the hardest surprises I have had to keep!
  • Lot's of for...
  • City To Bay 12km run in Oct 09
  • Half Marathon in Nov 09 at Portland
  • Matchbox Twenty in Concert...fantastic
  • Kylie in concert

Life for me is ticking along and as parents we are always busy with kids stuff. Tyne is part of our local gymnastics competition team. Both Lily and Tyne are playing tennis for Mil Lel as are Paul and I. We are having a great time both on and off court. Tennis is such a social sport!

Lily is still right into her academics and her Girl Guides and Ammy..well she wants to do everything-but at the moment she isn't old enough, or tall enough. But look out when her time comes cause she is practising everything-ready to break onto the scene!

She starts school next week, so that is huge for us. Our little baby of the family. Very bitter sweet!

Anyway, have been busy taking some here's a few recent ones of Tyne, Amryn and Lily.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Week That Was...........

.....Well.....Where do I start?

.......I guess with sick kids...ear infections......coughing..... snotty noses.....and not a lot of sleep.

The juggling of full-time work with a family to manage, rendered me lifeless on Friday night- (could not move off the lounge!)

But thanks goes out to my super hubby for managing domestic duties superbly!

Now-speaking of husbands? Mine caught fire on Wednesday night cooking our BBQ tea. CRAZY.....I know...but it's all true!

Our BBQ is almost past it's use by date and it's burners are ...well...a little out of control.

This is where we must all make a mental note:

Do not cook a BBQ while wearing a 16 year old Terry Towelling Dressing Gown-As Sexy as it may's darn dangerous!

Anyway......I will relay only the important details (as told by P)

  1. "One minute I was cooking the BBQ Steaks"

  2. "And the next, I looked at my sleeve and it was on fire!"

  3. "I rolled on the grass to put it out (lucky it had been raining)"

  4. "And Tarsha, I can't believe that my dressing gown is still OK! It's a little singed but it just needs a wash!" (Darn...I'm looking for any excuse to replace that thing right now!) a nut shell-he was right. I washed it....and it's as good as new! Beware when buying Terry Towelling.........cause you can't kill it!

Also this week..our credit card was sabotaged by a fraudulent company who tried to buy themselves thousands of dollars of .....something?.........On us!

Lucky our bank was onto it...and all is well...but does happen....SCARY!

I have managed to scrap a page somewhere in this here it is...another one of Lily. I've done a few of her lately.......

I have a Fathers Day project on the I hope I can come through with the goods on that one. The girls all have a little project to create for I'll post it when it's complete.

So. That was my week...and the next one is about to sneak up on me.

Time to check out Australian Idol!



Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wacky Weekend!

Well......thought I'd make the most of blogger today-while it is working in my favour.
Sometimes I have real trouble uploading images.....but not sorry.....but it's upload overload!!!
Nana and Gramps returned from a week away on holidays today. The girls were super excited to have them back...can you tell?
I swear that my kids turn wacky when I get the camera out....Tyne in particular. The faces they pull are of an outstanding quality....don't ya think!
While Mum and I were chatting away, the Olympics came up......and I had a revelation-a bit scary...but here it goes..........
It dawned on me that, when the next Olympics come around in another four years time- Lily will be 12, Tyne will be 10, Ammy will be gets worse........and I (along with dh), will be 37 years of age.....OMG!!!!!.....I'm not sure how I feel about that?
What I do know is that I'm going to make the most of my time...cause it sure does fly!
Anyway......that's it for me tonight........I'm off to have some caffeine.......
Here's to some sunshine tomorrow-
Have a Happy Sunday All

A Mirror Image

Look at my budding 3.5 year old photographer! Bless Her!!
I found her in her bedroom last week, taking photo's of all her teddies and dolls. She was also directing example was "Now mooooove your head back Annabelle......That Good! Good Girl Annie!"
It's funny how our kids can be a mini mirror image of us...and I found myself thinking.......Gee....Do I really sound like that? And .......Do I really take that many photos??
I also had to laugh and reminisce because that camera she is holding was my very first. It's a Nikon film- point and shoot with a flash that slides up. It was given to me by my Auntie Bev when I was about 13 years old. It is a special gift that is all the more precious to me as she passed away after loosing her battle with breast cancer. A very sad story as her youngest child was only a baby at the time.
Do you know that the camera still this day.....amazing!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Very Proud Biker

.........Gosh! Sorry People. Just read my previous post and blah...blah...blah...who cares that I was freaked out by a spider? Not You Guys I'm Guessing!........Note To Self=Only Tell Exciting Stuff!

In an effort to redeem myself.....I'm moving right a layout! Finished this one last week. I laugh every time I read it. The picture is pure Lily from start to finish. A morning talk that she printed up. Wrote on. Gotta love that handwriting-complete with the misspelling. She will love this in years to come.

Journaling Reads:

I found a little piece of paper scrunched up in the bottom of your school bag. It was a worn and tatty morning talk that had survived an entire term there! A striking picture-with your darling hand written caption about you and your bike that you have lovingly named "Shimmer".
It brings a smile to my face because even though the BMX track makes you really cautious-the combination of you and your bike called "Shimmer" is always enough to get you round at least one lap! xx
Photo taken Feb 08 at BMX Track.

I have another one nearly done too....I must be the coffee or maybe it's the vodka. Yeah...I think it must be the vodka. Have you tried scrapping with's working for me. None of that procrastinating-I'm on a roll just stickin stuff where ever I like!!! Good Times!!!

Before I go ......a special Birthday congrats goes out to my life long pal-you know who you are!!! The Laurel to my Hardy!! Thanks for a great day today and welcome to the FLIRTY THIRTIES!!!

Nite Nite xx

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A No Picture Post

Well, BLOGGER has won!
I have been trying now for some time to upload some pics.....but good old blogger is playing games with me!!! FRUSTRATING!
Anyway, moving on.........I have had a great day today. We had a home day. Day's like today are so relaxing and re-fuelling!

Most of all, I have loved watching and listening to the girls play.

Love the fact that they play dress ups and make believe games. I hope that I can help them to keep their childhood innocence for as long as possible....after all...we are young for such a short time....and old for way too long....don't you think?

In other shocking news......I stumbled upon a HHUUGGEE White-Tailed Spider, sneaking into our laundry. It made me shudder...YUK! Needless to say it met it's end....FAST! But not before showing the kids a close up view along with a serious explanation of why we don't touch them......I mean......I doubt that they would but one never quite knows with kiddies.
Well.......sorry I haven't any photo's for you......I have a layout too....but I'll just have to keep you in suspenders..........maybe I'll have more luck tomorrow.

Till then.........chow!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Total Togetherness

After a long break from scrapping...this layout is celebration to the fact that I have found my MOJO again! Yippee!
One of my favourite spontaneous snaps of the girls-simply just doing their thing...after a long day.
The journaling reads:
"Yet another family adventure-climbing Mount Schank. The view was awesome......Do you remember collecting a bag full of pine cones for the fire, playing on the old wooden wagon, and that big HORSE DOG that chased Tyne back up the hill?" Feb 08